Our Vision

Behind Azzadi is the vision of a world in which people use their differences as an opportunity to get to know each other, learn from each other and grow together. All too often, cultural differences are seen as the sole cause of conflict. This is unfortunate, since in most cases there is a lack of knowledge or appropriate tools. 

If, on the other hand, there is the right framework to find each other, to develop understanding and to feel understood, cultural diversity becomes a never ending source of development, originality, innovation and last but not least joy. Tirelessly and with passion we contribute to this and try to be a role model.

Azzadi (Farsi for "freedom") is a young, migrant company from the city of Berlin. Our core competence is transculturalism - overcoming cultural barriers in favor of mutual exchange and learning from each other. In a globalized world with constantly increasing digitalization and mobility of people, distances are becoming less and less important. In many places, living and working together with people from different cultures has long been the norm, while in others it is still in its infancy. A diverse society can only function if everyone can live out their own freedom and enjoy the same appreciation.
As a service provider, we are specialized in utilizing potentials and overcoming challenges that come along with a diverse society. Our areas of application are commercial enterprises, ministries, public authorities and civil society organizations. We analyze, advise, develop specific solutions and implement them. Our work is based on personal experience, scientifically sound and on the deep conviction that cultural diversity is the greatest possible enrichment for each individual person as well as for the whole.