Azzadi National

Working in Partnership

A strong and diverse society is

based on a holistic approach.

Public Authorities are the functional control centers of society. They are the ones everyone has to deal with and are often of the greatest importance for individual fates. Smooth processes are of central importance.
We help whenever cultural differences come into play, develop concepts and assist in their implementation, train employees and mediate in individual cases.

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Public authorities

Nowhere is the diversity of society and the interaction of people more tangible every day than in companies and businesses. This is where the greatest potential lies dormant, but also where most unnecessary conflicts lurk. We develop suitable concepts and solutions, help implement them, train employees, and mediate in individual cases.

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As a company with social motivation, we are particularly close to the work of NGOs and civil society actors. Based on our own experience, we help internally with the organization and externally with all activities that require transcultural expertise.

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NGOs & Civil Society

Whether at home or abroad, ministries always operate in a transcultural environment. With our expertise, we provide assistance in organizing structures, designing and implementing processes, and supporting events and meetings.

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